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Hello Salud is a skilled migration program that connects nursing professionals from Mexico with hospital and nursing home employers in Germany. We know that Germany is looking for caregivers – you can be one of them!

Hallo Salud helps you, together with Kolping Recruiting & Integration GmbH (KRI), to qualify for the German labor market, to accompany you on your way to becoming a recognized nursing professional and to support you in your arrival in Germany.

What makes us


We excel in recruiting, preparing and connecting nursing staff with German hospitals and nursing homes. Our search focuses on people with quality-oriented attention, whose dream to emigrate is connected with the desire to help.


We aim to be the most qualified migration program in Mexico, enabling and ensuring personal and professional development in Germany. We provide participants with clear, honest and warm support as well as guidance at all stages of their migration process.


Honesty, solidarity, transparency, effectiveness, commitment and empathy.

your way to germany with us

Fulfill the requirement
Fulfill the requirement
State-approved college degree in nursing. If you can prove this, the next step is to register for the information interview.
Informational interview
Informational interview
You will receive all the information about our program. If you meet the profile, then a selection interview with Hallo Salud will take place.
Interview with employer and signing of contract
Conversation and signing
Hallo Salud puts you in direct contact with a German employer. Once you have been selected by them, you can sign your contract.
Language course b1 in mexico
Language course B1
It's time to start the intensive course that will enable you to learn German at the B1 level - the B1 certificate is a prerequisite for entry into Germany.
Entry to Germany
Welcome! Hallo Salud and the KRI will help you settle in and prepare you for the German B2 certificate and the recognition of your studies in Germany.

YOUR way with us in germany

language course b2 in germany
Language course B2
For a successful recognition as well as a target-oriented communication with your colleagues, patients or residents, respectively, brings the KRI You on the spot in Germany on the language level B2.
working as a helper in the facility
Work as an assistant
Parallel to your language course, a operational integration at your new Employer by working as a nursing assistant. until the successful recognition as Nursing Specialist.
Qualification for professional recognition
On the basis of your submitted documents you will for the qualifications still missing for the Recognition as a nursing professional in Germany trained and prepared for the exam.
After successfully passing all necessary Examinations will be your previous professional training or your previous university degree in Germany recognized.
Hiring as a specialist
Hiring as a specialist
Based on your successful recognition you can You are now employed by your employer as a nurse. be used.
Social pedagogical support
Accompaniment of participants and coordination of official matters
Support in the search for housing

working in germany

The field of nursing is a regulated profession in Germany, so that recognition is mandatory for practicing the profession as a nurse (cf. §1 PflBG). Through the preparation by means of adaptation qualification, you will be prepared for this, so that after successfully passing the exam, the recognition at the Bavarian State Office for Nursing can take place. Only then are you allowed to work as a fully-fledged nursing professional in Germany – before that, only employment as a nursing assistant is legally possible.

Frequently asked questions about hallo salud

General questions about the program

Hallo Salud and Kolping Recruiting & Integration GmbH have made it their business to accompany and qualify international nursing professionals during their migration to Germany. For this purpose they make use of the common international Kolping network.

No, Hello Salud is an independent program that is not part of a government program or a political party program.

Both the Hallo Salud program in Mexico and Kolping Recruiting & Integration GmbH in Germany do not charge a fee or charge for participation in the program at any stage of the process. This also applies, among other things, to the visa and apostille procedures. However, by participating in the program, the applicant enters into a number of commitments, agreements, and internal policies. These will be explained in detail when the contract is signed. The costs for the B1 language test must initially be borne by the applicant. Once the test has been passed, Hallo Salud will reimburse the costs incurred for this. In case of multiple test attempts, only the last one will be refunded.

For more information, visit our social media (www.facebook/hallosalud).

Hello Salud launches several times a year. You will receive more information about the next start in a personal information interview.

Questions about the program requirements

A minimum of two years of proven professional experience or state-recognized university degree / state-recognized professional degree with at least two years of training, as well as the presentation of all necessary documents.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, because the procedure for the visa, apostille (form of certification in international traffic) and translation of documents must be carried out after the selection of the applicant. We would be happy to accept you as a prospective candidate beforehand and, once you have all the necessary qualifications, we can include you in the next selection process.

Yes, in order to apply for a visa to Germany, a German language certificate of level B1 is required. At Hallo Salud, we train you to pass the certification exam. If you already have official proof of B1 level, you can enter the visa and apostille process directly after the selection process.

Yes, we are looking for nursing graduates with an age range between 25 and 43.

The German course in Mexico usually lasts 7 months full time. Während dieses Zeitraums musst Du den größten Teil Deiner Zeit dem Lernen widmen, da das deutsche B1-Sprachzertifikat eine Voraussetzung für die Erteilung eines Arbeitsvisums ist.

Questions about the program flow

To begin the selection process for Hallo Salud, you must have a degree in nursing and 2 years of verifiable experience. If you meet these requirements, the next step is to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will then send you the address and time to attend an informational interview and the virtual link. You can also see the dates of our information meetings in our social networks nwww.facebook/hallosalud.

Certificate of completion and proof of employment, as these are essential requirements to be considered for the program. In addition, you must bring your printed resume and references.

You will receive from us all the information regarding the necessary documents to start the program. These must be uploaded by you on the Ankaadia software. You will receive the registration data after the information meeting.

This depends on when all the necessary documents are available and the certification exam for language level B1 has been successfully passed. As a rule, this takes about 7 months.

This depends on when all the necessary documents are available and both the certification exam for the B2 language level and the necessary professional qualification measures have been successfully passed. As a rule, this takes about 17 months.

Questions about living and working in Germany

Yes, you will receive a permanent contract for your work in Germany, which is divided into two parts. Until you are recognized, you will receive a fixed salary as a nursing assistant and then as a nursing specialist.

This must be discussed in a joint meeting with the future employer on the basis of the contracts and working hours available in each case.

Yes, this information will be explained in more detail in the final phase of the program in Mexico.

You will be supported by KRI or your new employer in finding accommodation in Germany. The place of residence depends on your place of work, so it is not possible to choose it yourself.

About the possibility of immigration of pets as well as the joining of your family following the successful passing of the program you have to inform and take care yourself.

Next information session:

All applicants who wish to participate in the program must attend the informational interview, which will be held in person or via Zoom.
To participate in the next information session, we invite you to visit our social network www.facebook/hallosalud. On this will be published the dates for all our calls.

Berenice Melo

Operational coordinator

Axel Avila

Axel Avila

Operational coordinator

Your contact to us

Are you interested in our program? Then fill out the following contact form and we will get in touch with you to arrange a personal information meeting.

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Are you interested in the programme? Then fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you and inform you about the next information meeting. It is important for us to inform you that only nurses with a completed Bachelor's degree and a diploma can start the process.